To assist, represent and defend the interests of its members at sector-, national and international level; To unite the interests of its members and assist their personal realization, as well as their realization in professional, moral and material plan, and their quality of life; To assist and aid its members to maintain and improve their qualification, specialization, as well as an effective and successful professional realization; To stimulate and assist he development of sport culture in its members by organizing and participating in sport- tourism events and other sport events  in the country and abroad; To develop programs and strategies for attaining high professionalism and assist in raising the authority and reputation of women lawyers in national and international aspect; To assist in the establishment of the role and place of the non-government organizations in public life; To assist the improvement of the interaction and cooperation between non-government organizations, the local and state authorities, the business and the citizens.

Subject of activity

Assisting and improving the physical, material and spiritual condition of the women lawyers; development and establishment of spiritual values in the women lawyers and their establishment in public life; assisting the social integration, the professional and personal realization of women lawyers; Active participation when invited by the bodies of the Bar, as well as other legislative bodies, local, state authorities, institutions and non-government organizations; Assisting women lawyers, when needed, in their individual work and ensuring they are protected from unlawful activities and discrimination; Introduction and maintenance of new systems, forms and methods of training for the purpose of improvement of the professional qualification and specialization of the women lawyers; Assisting the exchange of information, including through ensuring access to internet and online systems; Providing assistance in case of urgent and pressing need to women lawyers for the purpose of mastering and application of the acting legislation and standardization of the case law; Assisting and cooperating for the purpose of creating favorable conditions for exercising the activity and normal work for the women lawyers while complying with the principles of ethics, loyalty and correctness in the mutual relations; Providing assistance for the establishment of collegial and loyal interpersonal relations between the members of the association, the women lawyers and the members of the bar associations in the country and abroad, as well as for the strict adherence to the lawyers ethic principles; Improvement of the qualification and specialization of women lawyers through the organization and conducting national and international meetings, symposiums, seminars, conferences, courses and other forms of training on how to interact with state and local authorities, organizations, local and foreign institutions and entities, by securing preferential participation of women lawyers at reduced fees or exempting them from fees, if possible; Assisting the fair distribution of public defender assignments according the Legal Aid Act and to assist women lawyers in difficulties, to obtain public defender assignments according the Legal Aid Act; Expressing opinions and preparing motivated written statements and suggestions on any given, or related directly or indirectly to women lawyers, drafts of regulations or drafts for amendment of acting regulations; Encouraging and ensuring free exchange of information and ideas with organizations sharing similar goals; Ensuring additional financial and material means for the achievement of the goals of the association from legitimate sources, including from international programs; Providing family vacations to women lawyers at reduced prices at the recreation facilities of the bar associations; Elevating the authority and the prestige of women lawyers in their line of work; Popularizing the achievements of prominent women lawyers in different other areas beyond the professional line of work – scientific, sport, hobby interests and others; Assisting in professional, ethical and material aspect its members experiencing financial and health-related difficulties and those disadvantaged; Honoring with badges of honor women lawyers with long experience and contribution to the elevation of the prestige and authority of the Bulgarian Bar Association; Engaging in joint cooperation on projects and programs with similar associations of women-lawyers and attorneys-at-law in the country and abroad. The association may also engage in additional economic activity, only in case such activity is related to the main subject of activity for which the association was registered and in case the proceeds are used for the purposes established in the statute.